Why Matrix?

The major difference in the MATRIX program and others is our ability to
customize programs to meet your particular needs.

Before recommending a business model, MATRIX consultants will truly listen to your unique needs. We will ask you to fill out a hospital survey so that we can understand your hospital and environment and then work with you to develop the most appropriate business model for your facility. With multiple years in hospital administration, MATRIX principals understand the administrator’s need to provide a high quality clinical service that produces revenue.

MATRIX has over 20 years of experience developing financially successful programs all over the country.

We have helped facilities open new service lines and have provided new portals of entry to other hospital services through positive patient experiences in the wound center. MATRIX has helped hospitals transition to in-house managed programs, improving the bottom line.

Our programs provide the highest quality wound care.

Multiple modalities are used in MATRIX wound centers to customize treatment for each and every wound. Electronic medical records and outcome tracking programs are recommended to monitor healing rates and other quality indicators real-time. MATRIX will provide a complete outcomes tracking tool for facilities that are unable to invest in these technologies. Frequent utilization reviews by physicians and clinicians are performed to ensure that healing is optimal.


The Matrix Difference-01

No two MATRIX programs are completely alike.


Customer Satisfaction is essential to a well run wound center.

MATRIX will help you recruit new hires with excellent clinical skills and desirable people skills. Caring and compassion are not as easily taught and usually is an innate personal quality. Chronic wounds tax the patient physically and emotionally and therefore requires clinicians that are highly caring and compassionate.

MATRIX provides ongoing customer service programs for the wound center staff to ensure that our patients are given the best customer service available.