Quick Launch to Excellence

MATRIX realizes that hospital administrators understand the value of using consultants to initiate outpatient wound care programs, but know that the ultimate goal is to be self-sufficient, without a vendor.

The Quick Launch to Excellence Program was designed to provide the wound center “start up” support that is needed, develop on-going clinical and operational processes, and provide the tools and plans for continued success. The program term is the initial start up period (usually about 6 months), plus three years after opening. When the contract is complete, your unit should be able to function independently.

In the Quick Launch to Excellence Program MATRIX orchestrates all of the preliminary plans such as building design, equipment & supply procurement, hiring the staff and pulling the physician team together, providing a 40 hour HBO & Wound Care training course, initiating policy & procedures, providing wound healing and hyperbaric guidelines, developing billing and coding infrastructure, and working with your marketing department to develop a marketing strategy and collaterals so that you can provide an outstanding outpatient wound care program for your community.

Once MATRIX and your team have developed the program and the wound center is operational, MATRIX stays closely involved with the program director to ensure that the day-to-day activities support optimum wound healing and meet compliance standards. Phone calls, emails, and site visits will be made frequently to ensure the wound center is running smoothly and that patient volumes are growing. After the program has been open for at least one year, MATRIX will assist the wound center in preparing for a UHMS accreditation survey.

Year 3 is the transition year, MATRIX will educate the Director and staff to “take the reins” of the center. The director will be taught to manage all operations, perform financial reviews, and will be given operational plans for the center’s continued success.

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