Our Services

MATRIX provides complete consulting, management and turn key services
for all your wound care and hyperbaric medicine needs.

Services include:

program design, equipment selection and installation coordination, construction oversight, staff recruitment, staff training, systems integration, clinical and financial evaluation, wound care and HBOT policies & procedures and protocols, Program director training, outcomes trending and much, much more. MATRIX continuously monitors UHMS and ACHM activities as well as CMS regulatory directives pertaining to wound care and HBOT to ensure that program operations are compliant with regulating authorities.

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We will discuss your needs and develop a detailed proposal for your review. For large projects such as establishing a new wound center, MATRIX will provide a detailed proforma including specific expenses, and the anticipated revenues that will be generated over a three year period for your facility.Once the proposal addresses all of your concerns, MATRIX will construct an agreement for your approval. The proposal and agreement phase can take from 2 weeks to 6 months, depending on how large the project is and how quickly your administrators want to get started.

Other Services Provided by MATRIX:

  • Feasibility Report to determine if new center is needed at your facility
  • Assessment of current facility operations
  • New start up of wound center and/or hyperbaric medicine program
  • Assistance with development of coding/billing processes (from referral to collection)
  • Current updates of significant changes in practice and reimbursement
  • Development of charge master, charge ticket and charge screens
  • Compliance audits for coding and billing
  • Collections review and analysis
  • Clinical guidelines for Wound Care and HBOT
  • Clinical competency validation (Wound Care and HBOT)
  • Documentation guidelines and tools including Medication Reconciliation
  • Review and development of wound care supply formulary
  • Performance improvement program
  • HBOT and Wound Care training for staff
  • Business Development and comprehensive marketing plan
  • Converting physical therapy/nurse wound care program to physician driven program
  • Adding hyperbarics to existing wound center
  • Evaluation of current inpatient program
  • Development of inpatient wound care program