Feasibility Study and Program Assessment

Feasibility Study

This program can save lots of time and resources by preventing you from starting a program without the necessary resources or developing a program in an area that is not likely to produce a sustainable volume of wound and hyperbaric patients.

Program Assessment

Is your program performing optimally? Should you be treating more patients or be more efficient?

Once a wound care and hyperbaric program is developed, there is often little emphasis to continually improve. If your program has been in operation for several years, it might be time to have an outside expert take a look at your program from a new perspective.

MATRIX consultants will assess your current wound center for critical success factors such as: model and focus, resource utilization and profitability, interdepartmental integration, current patient volumes compared to industry norms, leadership, physician issues, wound healing therapies and outcomes compared to national trends, general operations of program, referral base evaluation and appropriateness of referrals, safety, equipment, marketing initiatives, regulatory compliance and more.

MATRIX will make recommendations for improvement in all areas found deficient through a detailed report.

Contact us if you are interested in having an expert review of your program.