Bringing Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine Home

Evaluating and selecting equipment such as hyperbaric chambers and transcutaneous oximetry monitors. MATRIX’s substantial industry discounts are inclusive of a MATRIX consulting option

Developing customized policy and procedures/guidelines, and all other operational forms

Assisting with the development of patient education materials.

Assisting with the development of a comprehensive business development plan including brochure, ad, and case study samples

Educating staff and physicians in documentation essentials necessary to provide excellent reimbursement and compliance

Develop clinical team by assisting with recruiting and hiring of staff, providing all job descriptions, orientation programs, and annual competency validations for clinicians

Training staff with the provision of a 40 hour National Board of Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine Training course (pre-requisite for taking CHT and CHRN) on site

Restructure the physician team by facilitating physician training, assisting with credentialing structure, providing Medical Director contract samples and physician meeting agenda outlines

Developing a monthly/quarterly reporting structure for and training program director on gathering data to present a quarterly report to administration

Ideally MATRIX will be consulted before the vendor contract is due for renewal. In this way, MATRIX will help you to be completely prepared for the transition so that physicians and staff have the support they need to provide patient care without interruption, through management changes.